Vaccine Attitudes of HealthStyles Respondents With at Least 1 Child Aged 6 Years or Younger, 2009 (N = 475)

Weighted %95% Confidence Interval
My child could get a serious disease if he or she were not vaccinated
    Strongly/somewhat agree78.775.2–82.0
    Neither agree nor disagree17.214.2–20.5
    Strongly/somewhat disagree4.12.7–6.0
It is important to vaccinate my child in order to prevent the spread of disease in my community
    Strongly/somewhat agree85.682.4–88.2
    Neither agree nor disagree10.07.7–12.7
    Strongly/somewhat disagree4.53.0–6.4
I am concerned that my child's immune system could be weakened by too many vaccines
    Strongly/somewhat agree21.918.6–25.4
    Neither agree nor disagree29.826.2–33.8
    Strongly/somewhat disagree48.344.2–52.4
The benefits of vaccines outweigh the risks of vaccines
    1–3 (strongly disagree)5.84.0–7.9
    8–10 (strongly agree)73.069.1–76.5
In general, how safe do you think vaccines are for children?
    1–3 (not at all safe)4.32.9–6.2
    8–10 (very safe)70.566.7–74.2
How important do you think immunizations are for keeping children healthy?
    1–3 (not at all important)2.81.7–4.5
    8–10 (very important)79.876.4–83.1
If children in the US are not vaccinated, how likely do you think they are to get a disease that vaccines prevent?
    1–3 (not at all likely)8.86.7–11.4
    8–10 (very likely)56.051.9–60.1
How confident are you in the safety of routine childhood vaccines?
    Very confident36.232.4–40.3
    Somewhat confident16.313.5–19.6
    Not at all confident4.73.1–6.7
How comfortable are you with the recommended number of childhood vaccines in the first 2 years of a baby's life?
    Very comfortable30.026.3–33.9
    Somewhat comfortable20.217.1–23.8
    Not at all comfortable7.15.3–9.6