Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Vaccination Decisions of HealthStyles Respondents With at Least 1 Child Aged 6 Years or Younger, 2009 (N = 475)

Weighted %95% Confidence Interval
I have given a lot of thought to my decision concerning vaccination for my child
    Strongly/somewhat agree70.867.0–74.5
    Neither agree nor disagree19.816.7–23.3
    Strongly/somewhat disagree9.47.3–12.1
I am worried about vaccinating my youngest child
    Strongly/somewhat agree12.39.8–15.3
    Neither agree nor disagree12.610.0–15.5
    Strongly/somewhat disagree75.171.4–78.5
I am unsure about vaccinating my youngest child
    Strongly/somewhat agree10.58.1–13.2
    Neither agree nor disagree12.19.6–15.0
    Strongly/somewhat disagree77.473.9–80.8
Which of the following best describes your plans for vaccinating your youngest child?
    Has already received all recommended vaccines74.570.8–78.1
    Will receive all recommended vaccines18.915.8–22.3
    Will receive some but not all recommended vaccines5.53.8–7.6
    Will receive none of the recommended vaccines1.10.5–2.2
What is the most number of vaccine shots you are comfortable with your youngest child getting in 1 doctor's visit?
    Whatever the doctor recommends22.519.1–26.0