Recommended Online Resources

OrganizationWeb-Site Address
Albert B. Sabin Vaccine
Allied Vaccine
American Academy of Family
American Academy of
American Academy of Pediatrics Childhood Immunization Support
American College of
American Immunization Registry
American Medical
American Nurses
Association of State and Territorial Health
Association of Teachers of Preventative
Canadian Paediatric
Centers for Disease Control and
Center for Vaccine Awareness and Research, Texas Children's
Vaccine Resource
Every Child by
Families Fighting
Global Alliance for Vaccines and
Group on Immunization Education, Society of Teachers and Family
Health on the Net
Infectious Diseases Society of
Immunization Action
Institute for Vaccine Safety (Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health)
Institute of
National Alliance for Hispanic
National Foundation for Infectious
National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious
National Medical
National Meningitis
National Network for Immunization
Parents of Kids with Infectious
Vaccine Education Center (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
US Food and Drug
World Health