Table 1.

Sample Emergency Supply Checklist*

 Water (2 quarts to 1 gallon per person per day)
 First aid kit (freshly stocked)
 First aid book
 Food (packaged, canned, no-cook, baby food, and for special diets
 Can opener (nonelectric)
 Blankets or sleeping bags
 Portable radio, flashlight, and spare batteries
 Essential medication and glasses
 Fire extinguisher (A-B-C type)
 Food and water for pets
Sanitation Supplies
 Large plastic trash bags for trash, waste, water protection
 Large trash cans
 Bar soap and liquid detergent
 Toothpaste and toothbrushes
 Feminine and infant supplies
 Toilet paper
 Household bleach
 Newspaper (to wrap garbage and waste)
Safety and Comfort
 Sturdy shoes
 Heavy gloves for clearing debris
 Candles and matches
 Change of clothing
 Knife or razor blades
 Garden hose for siphoning and fire fighting
 Barbecue, camp stove, chafing dish
 Fuel for cooking (charcoal, camp stove fuel, etc)
 Plastic knives, forks, spoons
 Paper plates and cups
 Paper towels
 Heavy-duty aluminum foil
Tools and Supplies
 Axe, shovel, broom
 Crescent wrench for turning off gas
 Screwdriver, pliers, hammer
 Coil of ½-inch rope
 Plastic tape and sheeting
 Toys for children
  • * Stocking up now on emergency supplies can add to your safety and comfort during and after an earthquake. Store enough supplies for at least 72 hours.