Ordered Logit Models for Use of DBS and Teas Among Infants As a Function of Mother's Characteristics (n = 2653)

VariableDBS and Teas Use, Adjusted Odds RatioP95% Confidence Interval
Intercept 1<.0001
Intercept 2<.0001
Maternal herbal use before or during pregnancy3.69<.00012.78–4.89
Breastfeeding duration, wk1.02<.00011.01–1.02
Mother's age
Mother's education
    High school or lessa
    Some college1.19.4170.78–1.82
    College graduate or more0.87.5420.55–1.38
Poverty level
    Under 100a
    Non-Hispanic whitea
    Non-Hispanic black1.19.6370.58–2.46
    Non-Hispanic other0.90.7470.46–1.74
Population density
        Model χ2161.46
        Score testb20.20
  • Data were obtained from the Infant Feeding Practices Study II.

  • a Reference categories.

  • b The score test evaluates the null hypothesis of no difference in the regressor effects for the ordinal categories using a χ2 distribution. A value of 20.20 with 20 degrees of freedom (df) fails to reject the null hypothesis, indicating that the proportional odds assumption is reasonable.