Overall Test for Differences During Product-Consumption Period and Specific Differences at Week 3 Between the Probiotic and Control Groups for All Outcome Measures

OutcomeP for Overall DifferencesP χ2 TestP (GEE)ProbioticControlProbiotic %Control %Difference (95% CI)Estimated Odds Ratio (95% CI): Product vs Control
Change in stool frequency.352.92.60.3 (−1.45–0.51)
Mean stool frequency.514.53.90.6 (−0.60–1.20)
Mean stool consistency.073.33.5−0.2 (−0.64–0.03)
Rate of success.06382414 (−1–29%)
Rate of responders.3172648 (−7.3–23%)
Faecal incontinence.1936.648.61.48 (0.83–2.64)
Pain during defecation.1448.641.40.67 (0.36–1.15)
Abdominal pain.9258.354.20.97 (0.56–1.69)
Flatulence.0223.634.70.48 (0.26–0.89)
Use of bisacodyl.1223.630.60.61 (0.32–1.13)
  • GEE indicates generalized estimating equation.