Overview of Studies of Medical Interventions

CharacteristicRCTs (N = 10), nProspective Case Series (N = 3), nRetrospective Case Series (N = 5), nTotal Literature (N = 18), n
    Antipsychotic medications7209
    Stimulants and other medications for hyperactivity1034
Diagnostic approach
    Clinical DSM-IV diagnosis + ADI-R and/or ADOS7108
    Other approachesa32510
Treatment duration
    >1 to ≤3 mo7108
    >3 to ≤6 mo3003
    >6 to ≤12 mo0224
    >12 mo0033
Study population
    United States61512
Total No. of participants7201235581401
  • The numbers shown indicate the number of unique studies with each characteristic. ADI-R indicates Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised; ADOS, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule; DSM-IV, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases, Fourth Edition.

  • a Clinical DSM-IV diagnosis + other diagnostic tool or ADOS + other diagnostic tool or only clinical DSM-IV diagnosis or only ADOS.