Characteristics of Infants in the Study Group

CharacteristicStudy Group (N = 32)
Gestational age, wk25 (22–27)
Birth weight, g738 (460–1092)
5-min Apgar score7 (3–10)
Male infants, n17
Mechanical ventilation, n27
CPAP, n5
IVH grade 3–4, n5
cPVL, n0
Survived the first week, n29
Paco2, kPa6.2 (3.0–12.5)
pH7.29 (7.05–7.51)
Glucose, mmol/L6.1 (1.1–26.0)
  • Values are median (range). CPAP indicates continuous positive airway pressure; cPVL, cystic periventricular leukomalacia.