Odds Ratios for Different Types and Modalities of Substance Use at 13 Years of Age in the ALSPAC Grouped According to Mutually Adjusted Socioeconomic Position Indicators; Also Adjusted for Age and Gender

SEPNaEver Binge DrinkingWhole Drinking Previous 6 moEver SmokingSmoking Previous 6 mo
OR95% CIPbOR95% CIPbOR95% CIPbOR95% CIPb
Parental social class
    Linear term47250.970.87–1.08.601.010.93–1.11.780.890.80––1.21.61
Maternal education
    <O level7541.321.07–1.62<.011.271.07–1.51<.011.060.86–1.31<.011.050.80–1.40<.01
    O level17331.
    A level13630.890.74–1.080.950.82–1.110.800.66–0.970.820.63–1.06
    Linear term47250.850.78–0.93<.0010.890.83–0.96<.010.830.76–0.91<.0010.810.72–0.92.001
Disposable income
    Middle low8761.090.87–1.361.040.86–1.251.301.04–1.631.180.87–1.60
    Middle high11011.040.83––1.260.970.77–1.230.920.68–1.26
    Linear term47251.061.00–––1.04.410.980.90–1.06.62
  • Reference categories for categorical terms are shown with an odds ratio of 1.00. OR indicates odds ratio; SEP, socioeconomic position indicator. A whole drink is a can of beer, a glass of wine, a bottle of alcopop, a shot of spirit or any full drink with alcohol in it.

  • a The total number of subjects in each category; these vary slightly for other outcomes.

  • b P values are reported for both categorical and linear terms.