Odds Ratios for Different Types and Modalities of Substance Use at 13 Years of Age in the ALSPAC Grouped According to Individual Socioeconomic Position Indicator and Adjusted for Age and Gender

SEPNaEver Binge DrinkingWhole Drinking Previous 6 moEver SmokingSmoking Previous 6 mo
OR95% CIPbOR95% CIPbOR95% CIPbOR95% CIPb
Parental social class
    Linear term53300.930.85––1.08.950.790.72–0.86<.0010.900.80–1.01.08
Maternal education
    <O level9441.261.05–1.52<.0011.150.98––1.38<.0011.080.84–1.38<.001
    O level19711.
    A level15210.910.77––1.150.770.65–0.920.860.68–1.08
    Linear term53830.860.81–0.92<.0010.950.89––0.85<.0010.820.74–0.90<.001
Disposable income
    Middle low9641.190.96–1.471.090.91–1.301.441.16–1.791.270.95–1.69
    Middle high11521.010.82––1.210.940.75–1.170.900.67–1.21
    Linear term51201.010.96–1.06.811.041.00––0.94<.0010.920.86–0.99.02
  • Reference categories for categorical terms are shown with an odds ratio of 1.00. OR indicates odds ratio; SEP, socioeconomic position indicator. A whole drink is a can of beer, a glass of wine, a bottle of alcopop, a shot of spirit or any full drink with alcohol in it.

  • a The total number of subjects in each category; these vary slightly for other outcomes.

  • b P values are reported for both categorical and linear terms.