Frequencies of Substance Use According to Type, Modality, and Gender at 13 Years of Age in the ALSPAC

na% (95% CI)na% (95% CI)
    Ever drinking with no permission74926.2 (24.6–27.8)76826.1 (24.5–27.7).95
    Ever whole drinking147951.6 (49.8–53.5)158253.7 (51.9–55.5).11
    Whole drinking at <12 y of age40014.2 (12.9–15.5)35912.4 (11.2–13.6).05
    Ever binge drinking57720.4 (18.9–21.9)60921.0 (19.5–22.5).54
    Drinking with no permission in the previous 6 mo68323.9 (22.3–25.5)71124.2 (22.6–25.8).80
    Whole drinking in the previous 6 mo112639.4 (37.6–41.2)125042.5 (40.7–44.3).02
    Ever smoking46516.2 (14.9–17.6)65222.1 (20.6–23.7)<.001
    Smoking in the previous 6 mo2007.0 (6.1–8.0)35812.2 (11.0–13.4)<.001
  • a Number of subjects who answered “yes” to each modality of substance use, grouped according to gender. Values are row percentages (95% CIs). χ2P values are reported for gender differences. A whole drink is a can of beer, a glass of wine, a bottle of alcopop, a shot of spirit or any full drink with alcohol in it.