Characteristics of Confirmed Local Reactions to the DTaP Vaccination Identified by Medical Record Review, According to Site of Injection

CharacteristicArm Injection-Site Reactions (N = 828), %Thigh Injection-Site Reactions (N = 189), %P
Sign or symptom
    Erythema and/or swelling99.398.9a
    History of fever16.919.6a
    Proximal lymphadenopathy1.36.9<.001
Maximum diameter of reported erythema and/or swelling
    Erythema and swelling reported as not present
    Erythema or swelling reported as present but size not specified0.10.5
    Erythema or swelling reported with a maximum diameter of42.617.5
        <5 cm8.56.3
        5–9 cm22.729.1
        10–14 cm21.029.6
        ≥15 cm5.116.9NC
Extent of local reaction
    Involved entire limb0.80
    Extended to or past elbow or knee13.012.2
    None of the above noted86.187.8a
Difficulty walking (thigh vaccination only)NA13.8NA
Unable to walk at least temporarily (thigh vaccination only)NA1.6NA
Diagnosis of cellulitis reported22.523.3a
Antibiotic prescribed36.739.2a
Timing of symptom onset
    Day of vaccination14.515.9
    1 d after vaccination42.343.4
    2 d after vaccination36.234.4
    3 d after vaccination5.84.8
    4 d after vaccination0.81.1
    Not specified0.40.5a
Clinical encounter setting
    Outpatient clinic61.457.1
    Urgent care30.933.3
    Emergency department7.59.5
  • NC indicates not calculated; NA, not applicable.

  • a P ≥ 0.1.