Antipyretic Information

Decline in temperature, °C1–21–2
Time to onset, h<1<1
Time to peak effect, h3–43–4
Duration of effect, h4–66–8
Dose, mg/kg10–15 every 4 h10 every 6 h
Maximum daily dose, mg/kg90 mg/kga40 mg/kg
Maximum daily adult dose, g/d42.4
Lower age limit, mob36
  • Data represent approximate averages from referenced sources.42,43,52,54,71,82

  • a Label is for 75 mg/kg; 90 mg/kg per day should be limited to less than 3 consecutive days.83,,85

  • b Unless specifically recommended by a health care provider for the younger patient and, then, only after the infant has been examined by a health care provider.