Resident Survey Results (N = 20)

TopicReported Exposure to Topic, %aSuggested Adding Topic to Curriculum, %a
DNR/end of life/death of a child9025
Communicating bad news8520
Early interventions8515
Screening (developmental, socioemotional, special health care needs)8025
Family-centered care7525
Care coordination7510
Identifying community resources7040
Identifying CYSHCN7020
Medical home7025
Effective communication6525
Caring for CYSHCN in primary care6530
Home health care5040
School rights, 504 accommodations, and IEPs5045
Health insurance and managed care4545
Collaborating with community agencies4540
Parent advisory groups4530
School health and CYSHCN4050
Partnering with families4025
Individual care plans4040
Transition to adulthood2570
Oral health needs2550
Sibling issues1065
  • DNR indicates do not resuscitate; IEP, individualized education plan.

  • a Not all respondents answered all questions, and residents could offer more than 1 answer to some questions.