Standard Laceration Repair Technique in the ED

The following steps are involved in the “standard laceration repair technique” for uncomplicated laceration repair in the ED
  1. Triage nurse examines patient

  2. 1–3 mL of a topical anesthetic gel, a mixture of lidocaine 4%, epinephrine 0.1%, and tetracaine 0.5%, is applied directly over wound, when indicated, with a cotton-tipped applicator and held with firm pressure for 15 to 30 minutes

  3. Patient is escorted to suture room, where resident physician under the supervision of an ED attending physician or a pediatric emergency medicine fellow examines wound

  4. Wound area is cleaned using standard wound cleansing techniques and draped by suture staff

  5. Supplemental local anesthetic is used for infiltration of wound margins

  6. If required, wound debridement is done

  7. Additional local anesthetic is administered as needed

  8. Sutures are placed

  9. Wound is dressed and patient is discharged after instructions regarding wound care and follow-up