Categorization of ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes According to RACHS-1 Classification and Estimated Mortality Risks11

ICD-9-CM Diagnosis CodeCardiac AnomalyNeonatal ProcedureRACHS-1 CategoryMortality, %
PredictedaSpecialty CenterbOther Centerb
746.02Congenital pulmonary stenosisPulmonary valvotomy/valvuloplasty23.898
747.1Aortic coarctationCoarctation repair at ≤30 d23.898
746.01Pulmonary atresiaRV-PA or systemic-PA shunt38.52316
746.1Tricuspid atresiaRV-PA or systemic-PA shunt38.52316
745.10Transposition of great vesselsArterial switch419.42619
746.3Congenital aortic stenosisAortic valvotomy/valvuloplasty at ≤30 d419.42619
747.11Interrupted aortic archInterrupted aortic arch repair419.42619
746.7Hypoplastic left heart syndromeNorwood procedure647.73348
747.22Aortic atresiaNorwood procedure647.73348
  • RV indicates right ventricle; PA, pulmonary artery.

  • a Predicted mortality on the basis of 1996 Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium data.11

  • b Observed crude mortality.