Sample Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics According to Household Food Status and Associations Between Food Insecurity and Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors

Proportion, %Food Insecurity OR (95% CI)P
Food Security (N = 1739)Food Insecurity (N = 229)
Demographic factors
    Responding parent's age
        <35 y3.25.82.73 (1.25–5.95).011
        35–45 y64.270.81.54 (1.04–2.28).031
        >45 y32.623.31
    Responding parent's gender
        Male23.420.00.82 (0.58–1.16).265
    Ethnic group
        Minority11.614.51.29 (0.86–1.94).218
    Family structure
        Two-parent household74.153.91
        Stepparent household12.611.41.23 (0.78–1.95).369
        Single-parent household13.434.73.57 (2.59–4.93).000
Socioeconomic factors
    Relative household income
        Very poor2.522.5132.17 (39.33–444.15)<.0001
        Poor8.425.045.01 (13.82–146.60)<.0001
        Lower middle27.636.920.11 (6.29–64.29)<.0001
        Upper middle40.014.45.49 (1.66–18.09).005
    Parents' occupational status
        Both parents employed56.425.41
        One parent employed37.246.72.75 (1.95–3.86)<.0001
        Both parents unemployed6.427.89.55 (6.32–14.42)<.0001
    Level of education
        Elementary school11.224.34.01 (2.55–6.31)<.0001
        High school21.328.42.49 (1.62–3.84)<.0001
        Vocational training37.130.81.53 (1.00–2.32).049
  • Results are from univariate logistic regression analyses.