Demographic and Past Medical History Parameters for 35 Ecuadorian Primary School Children Without (Controls) and 37 Children With (Exposed) Prenatal Pesticide Exposure

Gender, boy/girl, n15/2019/18.47
School grade, 2nd/3rd, n19/1620/17.98
Housing, traditional/contemporary, n14/2115/22.96
Running water at home, yes/no, n25/1036/1.002
Sewage drainage at home, yes/no, n15/2016/21.97
No. of meals per day, 2/3, n8/278/29.90
Protein-rich diet, yes/no, n18/1721/16.65
Chronic disease, yes/no, n4/313/34.64
History of trauma or accident, yes/no, n12/2310/26.55
History of meningitis, yes/no, n1/342/35.59
No. of siblings, mean (SD)3.4 (3.7)2.5 (2.1).21
Delivery, clinic/at home, n21/1424/13.67
Maternal smoking during pregnancy, yes/no, n1/342/35.59
Maternal alcohol drinking during pregnancy, yes/no, n2/334/33.43
Maternal age, mean (SD), y31.5 (7.2)30.7 (5.6).58
Maternal race, Amerindian/Mestizo-Hispanic, n29/630/7.97
Maternal education, primary school only/above, n30/327/9.23