Cerebral Palsy Rates in Relation to Neonatal Cranial Ultrasound Abnormalities

No.Proportion With Cerebral Palsy, %P
Ultrasound abnormalities<.001a
    Isolated grade I–II IVH3195.5
    Isolated grade III IVH2817.9
    White matter abnormalitiesb34424.4
    Persistent echodensities or ventricular dilation26214.1
    Unilateral cystic PVL3335.3
    Bilateral cystic PVL4374.4
Cerebral hemorrhage<.001
    Grade I IVH2298.1
    Grade II IVH16812.2
    Grade III IVH5328.3
Ventricular dilation.59
    Persistent echodensities16516.7
Cystic PVL7657.1
    Parietal or occipital6066.7
    Other localization1623.5
  • a P < .001; the P value indicates a significant difference in cerebral palsy rates according to ultrasound abnormalities (with cystic PVL and IPH grouped).

  • b White matter abnormalities included persistent echodensities, ventricular dilation, cystic PVL, and IPH.