CI Therapy Activities

Activity CategoryNo. of ActivitiesShapingRepetitive-Task PracticeMovements TargetedGraded Constraints
Functional tasks1148Wrist extension, supination, and pronationSupination and pronation: for turning key in lock, vary starting position of key to grade from using only supination to using both supination and pronation
Card games666Supination, precision graspPrecision grasp: less difficult when cards are beveled on deck for easier grasp; increase difficulty by not beveling the cards
Board games14914Supination, wrist extension, precision grasp, maintaining grasp through changes in spatial orientationActive wrist extension: position deck of cards to elicit wrist extension and grade difficulty by changing position of deck
Gross motor747Shoulder flexion, shoulder abduction, shoulder external rotation, wrist extensionShoulder flexion: elicit shoulder flexion by moving child from easier position stabilized against a wall to free standing position that requires more control
Manipulative games211421Finger individuation, precision grasp, wrist extension, modifying grasp to accommodate various objectsPrecision grasp: to increase difficulty provide child with increasingly smaller or more complex objects to manipulate
Puzzles202In-hand manipulation, precision grasp, release accuracyRelease accuracy: once competency in releasing puzzle pieces is attained, increase difficulty by introducing a puzzle with smaller pieces
Arts and crafts202Supination, precision grasp, maintaining grasp through changes in spatial orientationMaintaining grasp: begin child at an easier level with a built-up brush and increase difficulty by removing assist; smaller brushes can be introduced