Spirometry Use by Selected Characteristics

CharacteristicUses Spirometry, n (%)Adjusted OR (95% CI)a
    Family physician150 (75.30)7.6 (3.7–15.4)
    Pediatrician210 (34.80)Reference
Board certification
    Board certified328 (51.20)1.2 (0.5–3.2)
    Not board certified32 (56.30)Reference
Degree type
    Doctor of osteopathic medicine31 (77.40)4.7 (1.6–13.4)
    Doctor of medicine329 (49.20)Reference
Volume of pediatric asthma patients
    <5 patients per wk158 (65.20)Reference
    5–15 patients per wk164 (39.00)1.4 (0.7–2.9)
    >15 patients per wk31 (48.40)2.6 (1.0–6.8)
Practice affiliation
    Hospital/medical center/university61 (50.80)0.9 (0.5–1.7)
    Practice network/health maintenance organization32 (68.80)2.1 (0.9–5.1)
    Other (eg, public clinic)33 (45.50)0.8 (0.4–1.9)
    Private, independent practice232 (50.40)Reference
  • a A logistic regression model of spirometry use in clinical practice with adults or children was used, with adjustment for physician gender, age and all other characteristics listed in the table.