Approximate Calcium Contents of 1 Serving of Some Common Foods That Are Good Sources of Calcium

FoodServing SizeCalcium Content, mgNo. of Servings to Equal Calcium Content in 1 Cup of Low-Fat Milk
Dairy foods
    Whole milk1 cup (244 g)2461.0
    Low-fat (1%) milk1 cup (244 g)264
    Nonfat milk1 cup (245 g)2231.2
    Yogurt, nonfat, fruit variety6 oz (170 g)2581.0
    Frozen yogurt, vanilla, soft serve1/2 cup (72 g)1032.6
    Cheese1 1-oz slice (28 g)2021.3
    Cheese, pasteurized, processed1 3/4-oz slice (21 g)1441.8
    Cheese, ricotta, part skim milk1/2 cup (124 g)3370.7
Nondairy foods
    Salmon, sockeye canned, drained, with bones3 oz (85 g)2031.3
    Tofu, firm, prepared with calcium sulfate and magnesium chloride1/2 cup (126 g)2041.3
    White beans, cooked, boiled1 cup (179 g)1611.6
    Broccoli, cooked1 cup, chopped (156 g)624.3
    Collards, cooked, boiled, drained1 cup, chopped (190 g)2661.0
    Baked beans, canned1 cup (253 g)1272.1
    Tomatoes, canned, stewed1 cup (255 g)873.0
Foods fortified with calcium
    Calcium-fortified orange juice1 cup (240 mL)3000.9
    Selected fortified breakfast cereals3/4–1 cup (30 g)1002.6
    Instant oatmeal, fortified, plain, prepared with water1/2 cup (117 g)654.1
    English muffin, plain, enriched, with calcium propionate1 muffin (57 g)992.7
    Calcium-fortified soy milka1 cup (240 mL)200–5000.5–1.3
  • Source: US Department of Agriculture, Agriculture Research Service. US Department of Agriculture Nutrient Data Laboratory. Available at: Accessed December 21, 2005.

  • a Native soy milk contains 10 mg of calcium per cup (240 mL).