Recommendations for Adequate Dietary Calcium Intake in the United States4

AgeCalcium Intake, mg/d (mmol/d)
0–6 moa210 (5.3)
7–12 mob270 (6.8)
1–3 y500 (12.5)
4–8 y800 (20.0)
9–18 y1300 (32.5)
19–50 y1000 (25)
50 to >70 y1200 (30)
  • The Food and Nutrition Board of the NAS released recommended dietary allowances for calcium in 1997. The term “adequate intake” was applied to calcium recommendations. Application of the adequate intake is similar to that of the recommended dietary allowance. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the NAS guidelines should be the primary guidelines used.

  • a The 1997 NAS report used data based on younger infants (0–6 months) who are fed human milk exclusively.

  • b The 1997 NAS report was based on the assumption that older infants (6 months to 1 y) would be consuming a diet of human milk and solid foods, which would be similar to that of formula-fed infants at this age.