Classification Scheme of CCCs

CCC Category and Included DiagnosesICD-9 Code
Neuromuscular malformation
    Brain and spinal cord740.0–742.9
    Mental retardation318.0–318.2
    Central nervous system degeneration and disease330.0–330.9, 334.0–334.2, 335.0–335.9
    Infantile CP343.0–343.9
    Muscular dystrophies and myopathies359.0–359.3
Cardiovascular malformation
    Heart and great vessel745.0–747.4
    Cardiomyopathies425.0–425.5, 429.1
    Conduction disorders426.0–427.4
    Respiratory malformations748.0–748.9
    Chronic respiratory disease770.7
    Cystic fibrosis277.0
    Congenital anomalies753.0–753.9
    Chronic renal failure585
    Congenital anomalies750.3, 751.1–751.3 751.6–751.9
    Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis571.4–571.9
    Inflammatory bowel disease555.0–556.9
Hematologic or immunologic
    Sickle cell disease282.5–282.6
    Hereditary anemias282.0–282.4
    Hereditary immunodeficiency279.00–279.9, 288.1–288.2, 466.1
    Acquired immunodeficiency042
    Amino acid metabolism270.0–270.9
    Carbohydrate metabolism271.0–271.9
    Lipid metabolism272.0–272.9
    Storage disorders277.3–277.5
    Other metabolic disorders275.0–275.3, 277.2, 277.4, 277.6, 277.8–277.9
Other congenital or genetic defect
    Chromosomal anomalies758.0–758.9
    Bone and joint anomalies259.4, 737.3, 756.0–756.5
    Diaphragm and abdominal wall553.3, 756.6–756.7
    Other congenital anomalies759.7–759.9
    Malignant neoplasms140.0–208.9, 235.0–239.9
  • These are the CCC categories, included diagnoses, and current ICD-9 codes from the 2000 Feudtner et al30 article.