Among Unimmunized Children, Parent-Reported Reasons for Not Immunizing

Specific Issue Raised by ParentsProportion, % (n = 58)
Barriers to immunization26
    Vaccine shortages
    Insurance change prevented vaccination
    Child ill when examined
    Lack of time
Risks of vaccination12
    Influenza vaccine can cause influenza
    Influenza vaccine gave parent influenza
    Vaccine hinders development of natural immunity
    Mercury used to manufacture vaccine
Low perceived susceptibility to influenza12
    Child not in day care
    Child not at high risk of influenza
    Nobody in family catches influenza
    Influenza infection can be prevented by other means
Thought vaccination unnecessary10
    Thought child did not need vaccination
    Thought child would be fine without vaccination
Lack of perceived benefit of vaccination7
    Can be immunized and still get influenza
    Vaccine would not help much
    Vaccine not compatible with circulating influenza
    Media coverage about lack of vaccine efficacy
Lack of physician recommendation3
    Vaccination not discussed with doctor
    Doctor suggested vaccination in January not necessary
Lack of perceived severity2
    Child does not typically get very ill
Other reasons9
    Confusion regarding vaccination schedule
    Parents do not believe in vaccination
    Child too young
No specific reason offered31
  • Percentages total >100% because up to 3 responses were allowed per respondent.