Relation Between FI Status on the 2-Item FI Screen and Child and Caregiver Health Outcomes Among the Subset of Food-Secure Households on the HFSS (N = 23 256)

FI Screen
Food SecureFood Insecure
aOR (95% CI)P
Reported child health (fair/poor)1.01.26 (1.12–1.40)<.001
Number of lifetime hospitalizations1.01.11 (1.02–1.21).01
At risk for underweight1.00.90 (0.81–1.00).05
Overweight1.00.95 (0.85–1.05).31
Developmental riska1.01.36 (1.15–1.61)<.001
Caregiver health (fair/poor)1.01.41 (1.28–1.56)<.001
Caregiver positive depression screen1.01.88 (1.72–2.06)<.001
  • Data were adjusted for site, race/ethnicity, US-born mother versus immigrant, marital status, education, child gender, caregiver employment, breastfeeding, low birth weight, and maternal age. The sample was limited to families that were uninsured or receiving public insurance.

  • a Developmental risk was determined by the PEDS (≥1 concern) only for children older than 4 months, and data collection began in 2004 (n = 8497).