Nature of the 53 Cancer Cases Observed Among Infants Who Were Born After IVF

Cancer Diagnosis and LocationNo. of CasesIVF Method Used (n)
Hematologic neoplasms18
    ALL15Standard IVF (7), fresh testicular ICSI (6), fresh epididymal ICSI (1), unspecified (1)
    Prolymphocytic leukemia1Standard IVF (1)
    Acute myeloid leukemia1Standard IVF (1)
    Chronic myeloid leukemia1Standard IVF (1)
    Langerhans histiocytosis6Standard IVF (4), fresh testicular ICSI (1), cryopreserved ejaculated ICSI (1)
Central nervous system or eye neoplasms17
    Pilocytic astrocytoma in temporal lobe1Standard IVF (1)
    Pilocytic astrocytoma in cerebellum3Fresh ejaculated ICSI (1), fresh testicular ICSI (1), cryopreserved nonejaculated ICSI (1)
    Pilocytic astrocytoma, unspecified1Standard IVF (1)
    Astrocytoma, cerebellum1Standard IVF (1)
    Astrocytoma, brain stem1Standard IVF (1)
    Medulloblastoma, cerebellum1Standard IVF (1)
    Medulloblastoma, unspecified1Fresh testicular ICSI (1)
    Glioblastoma, cerebellum1Standard IVF (1)
    Glioblastoma, unspecified1Fresh ejaculated ICSI (1)
    Unspecified brain stem neoplasm1Standard IVF (1)
    Plexus papilloma1Cryopreserved standard IVF (1)
    Ependymoma, spinal cord1Standard IVF (1)
    Unspecified malignant optic nerve neoplasm1Standard IVF (1)
    Unspecified malignant retinal neoplasm2Standard IVF (2)
Soft tissue neoplasms3
    Fibrosarcoma1Standard IVF (1)
    Pleomorphic sarcoma upper limb1Standard IVF (1)
    Unspecified soft tissue neoplasm1Standard IVF (1)
    Adenopapilloma in appendix1Cryopreserved nonfresh ICSI (1)
    Squamous cell cancer in larynx1Standard IVF (1)
    Cancer in situ, vulva1Standard IVF (1)
Other neoplasms6
    Craniopharyngeoma1Standard IVF (1)
    Malignant melanoma lower limb1Standard IVF (1)
    Hepatoblastoma1Standard IVF (1)
    Mature testicular teratoma2Standard IVF (2)
    Medullary cancer in thyroid gland1Standard IVF (1)