Infant Victimization Rates According to Individual and Aggregate Types (Previous Year)

Victimization TypeRate, %95% Confidence Interval
Personal victimization
    PV1. Assault with weapon1.50.4–2.6
    PV2. Assault without a weapon2.00.7–3.3
    PV3. Attempted assault0.90.1–1.7
    PV4. Kidnapping0.1−0.2–0.4
    PV5. Physical abuse0.6−0.1–1.3
    PV6. Neglect0.6−0.1–1.3
    PV7. Custodial interference1.00.1–1.9
    PV8. Peer/sibling assault16.713.4–20.0
    PV9. Sexual assault by a known adult0.0
    PV10. Sexual assault by another adult0.0
    PV11. Sexual assault by juvenile0.0
    PV12. Rape (completed or attempted)0.0
Witnessing family violence
    FV1. Witness partner assault2.61.2–4.0
    FV2. Witness physical abuse of sibling0.70.0–1.4
    FV3. Witness parent threatening parent1.80.6–3.0
    FV4. Witness parent throwing object4.12.3–5.9
    FV5. Witness parent push parent3.82.0–5.6
    FV6. Witness parent hit parent1.60.5–2.7
    FV7. Witness parent beat parent0.60.1–1.3
    FV8. Witness assault by another adult in the household2.10.8–3.4
Other witnessing and indirect victimization
    WI1. Witness assault with weapon1.20.2–2.2
    WI2. Witness assault without a weapon4.42.6–6.2
    WI3. Household theft7.35.0–9.6
    WI4. Someone close murdered2.20.9–3.5
    WI5. Witnessed murder0.4−0.2–1.0
    WI6. Witnessed shooting/riots1.90.7–3.1
    WI7. In the middle of a war0.4−0.2–1.0
Summary of victimizations
    Any infant victimization (PV1–WI7)31.627.4–35.8
    Any personal infant victimization (PV1–PV12)19.315.8–22.8
    Any assault (PV1–PV3, PV5, PV6, PV8)17.914.5–21.3
    Any juvenile sibling assault (any assault with sibling as perpetrator)15.412.2–18.6
    Any maltreatment (PV5, PV6, PV7)2.20.9–3.5
    Any witnessing of family violence (FV1–FV8, WI1,a and WI2a)9.55.7–10.5
    Any witnessing of family assault (FV 1, FV2, FV5–FV8)a7.64.1–8.5
    Any witnessing of partner assault (FV1, FV5, FV6, FV7)4.62.7–6.5
  • a If the perpetrator and victim are with family.