Recurring or Unusual Ingestion Scenarios

Ingestion Scenarion% of Cases
Mistook battery for a pill133715.46
Mistook hearing aid with battery in it for pill1011.17
Suicidal or other intentional ingestion in patient with mental illness2242.59
Cognitive impairment or neuropsychiatric disorder (ingestion not known to be intentional)1271.47
Ingestion realized only after battery found in stool or diaper750.87
Used mouth to hold battery670.77
Thought battery was fooda630.73
Placed in mouth to test or for “shock”520.60
Incarcerated patient400.46
Removed discarded battery from trash180.21
Ingested battery on a dare140.16
Performing a trick100.12
Swallowed battery to “glow,” “morph,” or be more energetic60.07
Removed battery from toy to silence the toy40.05
Used teeth to pull tab off zinc-air battery to activate it20.02
  • a Commonly ingested with or instead of candy, nuts, or popcorn; or batteries placed in glass later used for drinking.