Medical Outcome According to Cell Type, Number of Button Cells Ingested, and Button Cell Chemistry

ParameterButton CellsCylindrical CellsNo. IngestedaButton-Cell Chemistry
1>1LithiumManganese DioxideMercuric OxideSilver OxideZinc-Air
Total cases8161487745570642419672036151498
Known outcome7210360659161938018261865521340
Outcome (% of cases with known outcome)
    No effect88.0673.8988.5682.7163.6889.4389.7890.0492.09
    Minor effect7.0517.786.6311.4715.006.795.916.343.58
    Moderate effect1.794.721.732.4211.581.753.761.090.37
    Major effect0.570.280.610.167.890.
  • NBIH data (July 1990–September 2008 only). Lithium cells were more likely associated with clinically significant outcomes compared with each other button cell chemistry (logistic regression, P < .001 versus zinc-air [OR: 65.2], silver oxide [OR: 22.5], manganese dioxide [OR: 13.1], and mercuric oxide [OR: 6.5]).

  • a Button cells only.