Content of the Prenatal Counseling at the Threshold of Viability: Potentially Important Content Consistent With the Decision for Comfort Care

The Expert Panel Recommendations
The decision for comfort care
 Provide information about the course of events during the birth, such as the fact that the child can remain with the mother, that an active approach will be taken that is aimed at providing comfort for the child, and that the parent(s) will receive support during the period in which their infant dies.a
 Discuss who will and will not be present at the birth.
 Explain that their infant can be born alive.a
 Inform the parents about the possibilities of recording memories.a
 Mention the availability of social workers and/or psychologists to support the parent(s).
 Provide information about the possible course of events and how long the process of dying may take.
  • a Recommendations were selected in the summary on the basis of their ranking.