Case Descriptions of Children With Nonspecific Retinal Hemorrhages

CaseAge, moGenderInitial Provided HistoryAdditional InjuriesGCSDescription of Retinal Hemorrhage (if Provided)
13FemaleFound unresponsive in bed with father; 5-mo-old brother died of same cause previous yearOccipital skull fracture3Dot-blot, multilayer, present to ora serata but not many
215MaleChild found with head entrapped between crib box spring and side railNone3Other
31MaleFather reports shaking child on multiple occasionsClassic metaphyseal lesions of bilateral femur and left ulna, diaphyseal fracture of left femur, bruising of the face, abdomen, back15Other
42FemaleIncreased fussiness, blood in both eyesCortical contour abnormality of right radial diaphysis14Other
62MaleRespiratory distress, born premature at 26 wkNoneNROther
71FemaleSudden cardiopulmonary arrest at a retail store; dysmorphic facies; sibling with sudden unexplained death in infancyHypoxic ischemic encephalopathy3Few, posterior pole
  • NR indicates not recorded; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale.