Parents' Perceptions of Decision-Making Roles for Actual Resuscitation Decisions for VLBW Infants and Their Preference for an “Optimal” Decision-Making Process

Taiwan (n = 45)Hong Kong (n = 42)Singapore (n = 55)Kuala Lumpur (n = 36)Tokyo (n = 31)Melbourne (n = 48)San Francisco (n = 37)
Perceived process in actual decisions
    Physician made decision alone*122014457420
    Joint decision-making between physician and parents*857686552275
    Parents made decision alone*420045
Preferred roles for optimal decision-making process
    Physician should make decisions54153511*1414
    Joint decision-making84928195*7862
        Parents should listen to physician85919689*9095
        Physician should listen to parents20453527*4457
    Parents should make decisions46515757*2230
  • Data shown are percentages.

  • * The question was not asked in some interviews.