Children's Familiarity with Research Terminology, Research Knowledge, and Elements Comprising Awareness of Research Enrollment (N = 37)

Familiarity with research terms (whether recall having heard items 1–9)
    1. Study3595a
    2. Research3287a
    3. Consent2568a
    4. Protocol2465a
    5. Experimental2157a
    6. Trial1541a
    7. Enrollment1335a
    8. Assent1232a
    9. Randomization719a
Knowledge (sum of responses to 9 familiarity items + response to item 10)
    10. Before starting treatment, did your doctor meet with you to talk about the ways to treat your illness?2670b
    1. Main reason for study participation is to improve care for future children with cancer3389c,d
    2. One reason for study participation is to determine effect(s) of treatment(s)3389c,d
    3. Before starting treatment, signed name to a form2157d
    4. Child/parent received copy of signed form2157d
    5. Read form2054d
    6. Know that signing name means agreed to participate in study1951d
    7. Know treatment is considered clinical research1849d
  • a Percentage that was familiar with research terms.

  • b Percentage that answered yes.

  • c Percentage providing correct response.

  • d Percentage that answered yes or correct response.