Time From Critical PEWS or Added Monitoring to Code Blue Event and Patient Status

CodeEarliest Critical PEWS, minLatest Critical PEWS, minOximetry Monitor, minCardiac Monitor, minComorbidityStatus at Time of CodeTransfer to Higher Level of Care
1Not criticalNot criticalOngoingNot usedCerebral palsy: feeding difficulty with aspirationAcute aspirationYes
21168418Not usedNot usedAdult patient with CF refusing use of BiPAP/vestAcute coughing episodeYes
3a210210210Not usedInfantb after pyloric repair; undiagnosed central apneaApneaYes
4Not criticalNot criticalNot used1359RSV+; born preterm at 34 wk; 24-h history of apnea spellsApneaYes
5Not criticalNot critical484Not usedSeptic shock with DIC/meningococcemia; intubated before admissionCardiopulmonary arrest at admissionYes
639636395111Infant: seizures and cortical dysplasia who ALTE at homeCardiopulmonary arrestDied
758545907Not usedBorn preterm at 25 wk; increased stridorRespiratory failureYes
8a405405Not usedNot usedGlobal developmental delay; no cough reflex; right middle lobe pneumoniaRespiratory failureYes
9Not criticalNot critical1138Not usedDeGeorge syndrome; status post-thymus transplantation; new seizureSeizureYes
1092555Not usedNot usedMedulloblastoma status postsurgery with multiple complicationsSeizureYes
11Not criticalNot criticalOngoingNot usedMeningitis sepsis, left subdural empyemaSeizureYes
12a99200Not usedSchwachman-Diamond syndrome; acute varicellaSeizureNo
13a66973Not usedSeizure disorderSeizureYes
14Not criticalNot critical13Not usedSpina bifida; seizure disorderSeizureYes
15Not criticalNot criticalOngoingOngoingInfant trach-ventilator dependentSelf-decannulatedNo
161305705Not usedNot usedInfant Pompe disease; trach-ventilator dependentVentilator: mechanical failureNo
  • CF indicates cystic fibrosis; BiPAP, bilevel positive airway pressure; RSV, respiratory syncytial virus; ALTE, apparent life threatening event; DIC, disseminated intravascular coagulation.

  • a Had only 1 critical PEWS; therefore, the earliest and latest times are the same.

  • b Infant is younger than 12 months.