Association Between Respondent Characteristics and Responses to Differential-Diagnosis and Estimated-Probability Frameworks for Gauging Reasonable Suspicion

VariableDDS, P (Mean Score)*EPS, P (Mean Score)
SignificantNot SignificantSignificantNot Significant
Level of expertise (not at all/some versus moderate/very expert).23.005 (44.3% vs 48.7%)
Board certified.83.09
Frequency of reporting (0–5 vs ≥6 reports over the past 2 y).48.29
Gender.05 (4.82 vs 4.57).68
Practice type (primary care versus subspecialty).94.33
Previous education
    Reasonable suspicion.13.13
    Child abuse.02 (4.73 vs 4.24).03 (47.3% vs 53.4%)
  • * Because these mean DDS scores denote rank, a higher number connotes a lower threshold.

  • Mean scores are in terms of rank for the DDS and likelihood for the EPS.