Documentation of Maternal HBsAg Status: Comparison of Prenatal Test Results, Results of Tests Performed on Admission to Labor and Delivery Unit, and Test Results as Documented in Infant's Medical Record for 27 Mother–Infant Pairs With Any Mention of Positive Maternal HBsAg Test Results

Prenatal HBsAg Test Result (Maternal Record)HBsAg Test Result on Admission (Maternal Record)Maternal HBsAg Status (Infant Record)nNo. of Infants Who Received HepBNo. of Infants Who Received HBIG
At ≤12 hAt >12 h
Positivea,bNot documentedPositive12102c1
Positivea,bNot documentedNot documented3101
NegativeaPositiveNot documented3200
NegativeNot documentedPositive3210
Not documentedNegativePositive2110
PositivebNot documentedNegative2200
Not documentedNot documentedPositive1000
  • a Cases included in estimate of percentage of mothers infected.

  • b Cases included in Table 3, infants who were born to HBsAg-positive mothers.

  • c Includes 1 infant who received birth dose but for whom time of receipt was not documented.