Prevalence of Hospital Policies That Pertain to Prevention of Perinatal Hepatitis B Transmission (n = 190)

PolicynWt% (95% CI)
Review prenatal HBsAg test on admission13372.9 (66.3–78.6)
Test pregnant women on admission if no documented HBsAg test result11863.0 (56.0–69.4)
Give HBIG to exposed infants within 12 h14577.2 (70.7–82.6)
Give hepatitis B vaccine to exposed infants within 12 h15280.6 (74.1–85.7)
Give HepB to infants of mothers of unknown status within 12 h13370.3 (63.3–76.5)
Universal hepatitis B vaccination of newborns before hospital discharge12767.0 (59.1–73.5)