Parents Experiences and Attitudes About Childhood Vaccines According to Parental Refusal of Specific Vaccines

StatementOf Those Who Refused Each Specific Vaccine, % Who Agreed With Each Statement
MMRVaricellaMeningococcal ConjugateHPV
I personally know of someone who experienced a harmful adverse effect.401893
I have read or heard about problems with this vaccine.81475455
My insurance does not cover this vaccine.64513
My children are at low risk for this disease(s).36235059
The risk for adverse effects from this vaccine is too great.80497259
There has not been enough research on this vaccine.42556778
I would rather have my child get this disease.2778
This vaccine has not been on the market long enough.16395475
I do not think this vaccine is effective in preventing this disease(s).23533337
I have moral/ethical concerns regarding this vaccine.51