Incidence Rates and RRs of Mucocutaneous Reactions After the Use of NSAIDs, Acetaminophen, and Other Nonopioid Analgesics

CasesPerson-DaysIncidence Rate*Crude RRAdjusted RR95% CI
Severe reactions
    Non–niflumic acid NSAIDs1098 16510.21 (reference)1 (reference)
    Niflumic acid13153 1028.–1.27
    Acetaminophen16122 82413.–1.86
    Other analgesics$319 44815.–3.20
    Combinations with niflumic acid06113
    Combinations without niflumic acid06907
    Total42406 55910.3
Mild reactions
    Non–niflumic acid NSAIDs26696 6952.81 (reference)1 (reference)
    Niflumic acid510150 2053.–1.11
    Acetaminophen551119 5254.–1.35
    Other analgesics5719 0653.–1.14
    Combinations with niflumic acid4066616.–1.77
    Combinations without niflumic acid2759010.–2.03
    Total1451398 0523.7
  • * The incidence rate shown for severe reactions is per 100000 person-days; the rate shown for mild reactions is per 1000 person-days.

  • The RRs for severe reactions were adjusted for age; the RRs for mild reactions were adjusted for age, indication, region, and concomitant use of antimycotic and antiviral agents.

  • Includes N02BB (pyrazolinone derivatives), N02BA (acetylsalicylic acid derivatives).