Baseline Characteristics of the Study Participants Who Were Assigned Books

CharacteristicControl (N = 33), nIntervention (N = 31), n
Ethnic/racial group
    Black or African American1712
    Hispanic or Latina10
    3rd/4th grade89
    5th/6th grade1013
    7th grade115
    8th/9th grade43
Self-rated weight status
    About the right weight00
    Slightly overweight2215
    Very overweight712
Self-determined weight goals
    Lose weight3129
    Stay the same weight20
    Not trying to do anything about weight01
Has tried exercising to lose/maintain weight in the past2627
Has modified food intake to lose/maintain weight in the past2523
Frequency of 1 h of physical activity
    ≥1 time per day99
    A couple times per week1817
    1 time per week11
    ≥1 time per month32
    No answer/unknown11
Frequency of eating breakfast
    Every day1416
    Almost every day66
    A couple times per week51
    ≤1 time per week55
    No answer/unknown11
Frequency of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption
    ≥1 time per day89
    Almost every day57
    ≥1 time per week89
    A couple times per month92
    <1 time per month01
    No answer/unknown22
  • All items were self-reported at the time of intake.