Available Cost-effectiveness Data for Antenatal, Intrapartum, and Postnatal Interventions

InterventionCost-Effectiveness DataEvidence of Cost-Effectiveness*
Malaria chemoprophylaxis or intermittent therapy2-dose regimen of SP cost $9.66 per case of LBW averted7053
Malaria prevention using PIBs$4–43 per discounted life-year lost7403
Syphilis screening and treatment$1.05 per neonatal discounted life-year gained3244
TT immunization$27–115 per neonatal death averted6934
Package of antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal interventions1 y of care cost $5.30 per newborn and averted 1 neonatal death for every 18 neonates cared for4393
Participatory neonatal care women’s groups$3442 per neonatal death averted ($4397 including health services strengthening); $111 per life-year saved6653
  • * Rankings are based on a scale of 1–4 as follows: 1 indicates evidence of poor cost-effectiveness (leave out of programs); 2, uncertain evidence of cost-effectiveness (need additional data before including in programs); 3, some evidence of cost-effectiveness (may include in programs, but further evaluation is warranted); 4, strong evidence of cost-effectiveness (include in programs). Note that cost-effectiveness data from community-based trials was available only for selected interventions (see cost-effectiveness section).