Neonatal Topical Emollient Therapy

SourceLocation and Type of TrialInterventionPerinatal/Neonatal Outcome
Ahmed et al618Bangladesh; urban hospital setting; RCT (preliminary report)In a Special Care Nursery, neonates (n = 385) were randomized to topical application of sunflower oil or Aquaphor 3 times a day, or to the control group, which received standard nursery care.Treated infants (sunflower-seed oil and Aquaphor-treated infants combined) had a significantly reduced risk of neonatal mortality (25%) (OR: 0.75; CI: 0.57–0.98). Among infants weighing ≤1250 g, emollient therapy reduced the odds of mortality by 37% (OR: 0.63; CI: 0.46–0.87).
Darmstadt et al732Egypt; urban hospital setting; RCTNeonates were randomized to 3 times daily topical application of sunflower oil (n = 51) or to usual nursery practice (control group) (n = 52).Treatment with sunflower-seed oil resulted in a significant improvement in skin condition (P = .037) and a highly significant reduction in the incidence of nosocomial infections (adjusted incidence ratio: 0.46; CI: 0.26–0.81; P = .007) compared with infants not receiving topical prophylaxis (n = 52).