Risk Factors in SIDS Cases

VariableNan (%)
    Nonsupine sleep placement226159 (70.4)
    Nonsupine placement or discovery prone226172 (76.1)
    Maternal smoking21692 (42.6)
    Paternal smoking18090 (50.0)
    Smoking by 1 or both parentsb204123 (60.3)
URI20992 (44.0)
Scene risksc23875 (31.5)
<37 wk gestational age22862 (27.2)
Bed-sharing23993 (38.9)
  • a N indicates the number of the 244 study cases for which data were reported on the variable indicated.

  • b Cases with a positive risk for 1 parent or negative risk status for both parents based on negative reports rather than missing data.

  • c Scene risks include the use of quilts, blankets, pillows, or sofa or the presence of other children.