Maternal Pneumococcal Immunization

SourceLocation and Type of TrialInterventionMaternal OutcomePerinatal/Neonatal Outcome
Shahid et al398Bangladesh; urban hospital setting; DBRCTWomen 30–34 wk gestation (n = 70) were randomized to receive 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (n = 36) or meningococcal vaccine containing polysaccharide of groups A, C, Y and W-135. (n = 37).Among pneumococcal vaccine recipients, there was a high correlation between the maternal pre-immunization and post-immunization antibody titers (Spearman correlation RS = 0.66 for type 6B and RS = 0.77 for type 19F, P = .0001).Infant cord blood antibody titers were highly correlated with the maternal titers at delivery. In the 22 wk postnatal sample, 71% and 63% of the infants of women who had received pneumococcal vaccine had antibody >0.15 μg/ml for types 6B and 19F, respectively (P = .01).