Gun Storage and Agreement Between Men and Women (n = 76 Pairs)

QuestionMale, % YesFemale, % YesConcordance
κ95% CI
Are any of the guns in the home stored loaded?1010.56*(0.17 to 0.94)
Are all of your guns stored locked up?6362.63*(0.41 to 0.85)
Do you use any of the following to lock your guns?
    Trigger lock1915.10(−0.21 to 0.41)
    Lock box128.33(−0.07 to 0.74)
    Gun safe2427.73*(0.51 to 0.95)
    Gun cabinet2119.67*(0.41 to 0.94)
    Gun lock814.49*(0.12 to 0.87)
Do you store your guns locked in any other way?1524.45*(0.14 to 0.77)
Are any of the guns in your home stored both unlocked and loaded?30NANA
Is all of the ammunition stored locked and separate from your guns?7986.12(−0.21 to 0.45)
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • * κ is statistically significant.