Responses From 12 Caregivers, All in the Intervention Group, Who Planned to Use Less Spanking in the Future

Video showed not to respond to violence with violence because kids will not respond.
There are better options.
The results are not as clear or quick with spanking.
It is wrong; there are better options.
The video made it clear why to spank less.
Caregiver realized when watching the video that by hitting, he or she is teaching violence.
Video and physician made him or her realize that spanking is not effective.
The video made it clear that if you do not want your kid to hit, then why are you hitting?
If it is (spanking) not going to help her, then there is no point.
The video made talking seem like a more favorable option.
The video showed me that hitting my son will not help him to not hit others.
Kids do not listen when you spank them. You think they do, but they do not.
  • If a caregiver stated that he or she planned to use less physical punishment, he or she was asked an additional open-ended question: “What did you see or hear during your visit today to cause you to consider using less spanking?” See Table 2 for demographic characteristics.