List of Options Given to Caregivers in the Intervention Group33

Great options
    Set the rule by firmly saying “No hitting.”
    Redirect by giving your child an example of how to be helpful with his hands.
    Redirect by asking your child what should be done with his hands.
    Ask your child how the other child feels.
    Later in the day, praise your child for playing nicely.
    Discuss why hurtful behavior is wrong.a
    Tell your child that you expect the right choice next time.a
    Role play at another time.a
Good options after others have been tried
    Place your child in time-out.
    Take away a privilege.
    Say “No” to your child.
    Tell your child what to expect if he is hurtful again (ie, give warning).
    Hold and give hugs to your child.
    At another time, encourage rough and tumble play.
    Ask your child about his feelings.
    Leave the area.a
There are better options
    Spank your child.
    Ignore the behavior.
    Yell or speak angrily at your child.
    Tell your child that he is hurtful child.
  • In the intervention program, parents are presented with a hypothetical situation of 1 young child hurting another and a list of options from which to choose. Caregivers in the intervention group were asked to view at least 4 of options in this list. After the caregiver chooses an option, he or she learns if the option he or she chose is a great option, a good option, or if there are better options. Each option is described in more detail with multimedia content (∼1 minute/option).

  • a Additional options available to view in the Spanish version.