Question Guide Used for Focus Groups

General information about adolescent suicide
    When you hear the words “teen suicide,” what comes to mind?
    Among all the problems teenagers have, how big of a problem is suicide?
    What do you think about the predictability of suicide among teenagers?
        Probe: beliefs, developmental knowledge, and reasons why
    What ways are there to predict teen suicide? Who is at risk?
        Probe: personality changes, behavioral indicators, drugs, and alcohol
    What do you think about how preventable teen suicide is?
        Probe: ways to prevent suicide among young people
    What would you say or do to help a suicidal teen?
        Probe: talking to the parent of the suicidal teen
    What are your thoughts about guns in the house and suicide? What do you think the presence of a gun in the house does to the risk of suicide?
    If you had a suicidal teen in the home, what about the home environment or routines would you change?
        Probe: securing guns, medicines, schedules, and supervision
    What other resources do you have access to that would be helpful for the suicidal teen?
        Probe: in the community and in the family
    Do you think there needs to be more education about recognizing and intervening with potentially suicidal teens?
        Probe: Who should be educated? Where should it be offered?