Significant Predictors of School Return Time, Cox Regression

Unadjusted ModelsAdjusted by SeverityAdjusted by Other Injuriesa
nOR95% CIPnOR95% CIPnOR95% CIP
Severity of injury109109
    Mild vs not mild0.640.40––1.32.34
Cause of injury109109109
    MVA vs sportsb2.021.26–3.240.0041.891.17–3.05.0091.791.01–3.17.048
    MVA vs fall1.550.86–2.800.1471.450.80––2.73.33
Medical outcomes
    Resuscitation: breathing1090.470.30–0.740.0011090.490.29–0.82.0071090.510.31–0.84.007
  • OR > 1 means returning to school sooner; OR < 1 means staying at home longer. MVA indicates motor vehicle crash.

  • a Those that were found significant in the proportional hazards regression analysis: discharge time.

  • b Includes cause of injury as sports, assault, bicycle, and child abuse.